9 Apr

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers: Meet Niaski & Her Artist Cat Series

NiaskiI decided to begin a new blog series, Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers, where I’ll introduce some of my favorite artists. I had to start off with Niaski because I’m madly in love with every single item in this shop! I can’t decide if it’s the vibrant colorful designs or the clever homage to famous artists, but either way, I’m a fan.

Nia Gould is the designer, illustrator and “crazy cat lady” behind Niaski design. She says, “I have combined my passion for design with a love of the four legged fur beasts we all know as cats.” Her unique cat designs are available as greeting cards, prints, pillows, handmade pins and hand screen printed tote bags.

Niaski’s Cat Muses

Niaski is inspired by her very own cats, Frankenstein, Salvador, Sampson and Socket.

It was Salvador the cat who inspired her Artist Cat series. As you can see from the photo above, Salvador does bear a resemblance to his namesake. :) The Artist Cat Series re-imagines well-known artists as cats, in their artistic style. Every time I visit her shop she has more. At the moment, she has designs of:

  • Pablo Picatso
  • Salvador Catli
  • Vincat van Gogh
  • Henri Catisse
  • Wassily Catdinsky
  • Barbara Catworth
  • Roy Kittenstein
  • Frida Catlo
  • Piet Meowdrian
  • Jeff (Maine) Koons

Here are some of the designs as cute enamel pins. You can purchase as a set or individually.

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers
Cat Artists Enamel Pin Set

The Artist Cats also have corresponding prints and greeting cards, either as close-ups or in front of their “houses.” Here are three of my favorites.

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers
Georgia O’Cat – Cat House Print
Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers
Vincat Van Gogh – Cat House Print
Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers
Henri Catisse – Cat House Print

Niaski also has a variety of other whimsical cat cards that you’ll love, including a full set of “Zodicat” cards for each sign of the zodiac! Click on the photo below to see all greeting cards.

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers

And last but not least, since I’m a big Frida Kahlo fan, I had to include Niaski’s tote bag and pillow with her Frida Catlo design.

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers

I hope you enjoyed this tour of Niaski. Stay tuned for future installments of Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers!

Shop Niaski

You can purchase these items from her Etsy shop or in several stores in the UK, US and Holland. Contact her directly on her website for wholesale inquiries.

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Please note that since many of the gifts I profile in this blog are handmade and one-of-a-kind, there’s a chance it could be gone by the time you found this page. If you click on something and it’s already sold, don’t be sad! See if you can contact the artist (if they have their own site) or go to the Shopping Guide and search for another unique item.


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