9 Apr

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers: Meet Niaski & Her Artist Cat Series

NiaskiI decided to begin a new blog series, Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers, where I’ll introduce some of my favorite artists. I had to start off with Niaski because I’m madly in love with every single item in this shop! I can’t decide if it’s the vibrant colorful designs or the clever homage to famous artists, but either way, I’m a fan.

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5 Feb

Artist Dora Hathazi Mendes and Her Muse, Rebeka the Cat

I’m so pleased to introduce the wonderful cat artist, Dora Hathazi Mendes. She was kind enough to share her story as part of my new “Cat as Artist’s Muse” series. I thought Kitty Curator readers would enjoy learning about the cat-artist bond, and how this relationship inspires their beautiful artwork.

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15 Nov

Captivating Cat Etchings by Artist Larry Welo

I had several adjectives in the running for the title of this blog post – mysterious, textured, layered, atmospheric, dimensional. Yet, when I remembered my reaction upon first seeing these etchings, I truly was captivated! Larry Welo, the printmaker behind these cat-inspired images, was also captivated by this artistic medium many years ago – and still is. He’s been experimenting and enjoying etching since 1974.

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17 Oct

Stunning & Surreal Watercolor Cats by Endre Penovác

I first encountered the amazing watercolor cats of Serbian artist Endre Penovác on the popular art & design blog Colossal. I’ve always thought watercolor was the perfect medium for capturing the soul of a cat, and I think Penovác may have perfected the art!

The cats appear as if they could gently step right off the canvas. His technique effortlessly shows the cat’s spry movements, languid stretches and soft curving edges.

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