28 Mar

8 Questions to Ask When Choosing a Pet Portrait Artist

Choosing a pet portrait artist is no easy task! You want the finished portrait to capture your pet’s personality and be a beautiful addition to your home. If you’ve never commissioned a piece of art, it can feel a little daunting. Not to worry!

With the help of several experienced pet portrait artists, I’ve compiled eight questions that will give you the confidence to find and choose the perfect artist. Once you’re ready, don’t forget to check out my Pet Portrait Directory with over 80 talented artists.

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18 Sep

How to Add a Subtle Touch of Cat Decor to Your Home

Whether you already have a treasured cat-inspired piece, or you’re looking for something special, vignettes are a great way to incorporate a subtle cat lover statement into your decor without looking too kitschy.

So what’s a vignette? Houzz, an interior design site, explains it best: “A small, pleasing picture formed by grouping several objects — think of it as a pocket-size table arrangement that tells a story about you and your home.” 

Vignettes are more than just knick-knacks gathering dust. With thoughtful selection of the objects and how they’re placed, your display can look both effortless and beautiful. I’m certainly not an interior designer, but here is what I’ve learned!

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