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free artist featureWould you like a free artist feature on Kitty Curator? My vision for this blog is to connect cat lovers with independent artists & makers who create cat-inspired art & handmade goods. As my audience grows, the more cat lovers will see what I share, and hopefully give artists the exposure they need to keep pursuing their dreams.

If you just have one or two cat-themed items, check out the first four options. If you primarily create cat-themed items, I can offer all seven options. There’s no cost for any of these features. Fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch!

1. Share on Social Media 

Kitty Curator is on Facebook and Pinterest. I can share your work on some or all of these networks. We can also schedule the post so it coincides with any promotions or giveaways you might be having. I was on Instagram, but had to scale back a bit. I may begin posting on this platform again in the future.

2. Feature Item in a Themed Blog Post

Many of my blog posts are collections of curated cat art & handmade goods based on a theme. If your work fits into one of the upcoming themes, I can include it in the blog post. It would also be promoted on the social media networks noted above.

3. Feature Item in a Shared Giveaway

We can work together to create a fun giveaway on Facebook to help both of us increase our followers and introduce our audiences to each other.

4. Guest Post on a DIY Art/Crafting Topic

If you have an idea for how my readers could learn a simple version of your craft or artistic medium, I’d love to turn the reins of the blog over to you for a post! I am happy to help with editing, but you would need to create the outline and provide pictures or video.

5. Add to Pet Portrait Directory

I’m creating a Pet Portrait Directory. As it grows and I continue to promote it, I’m hopeful it will send traffic your way. If you’re a pet portrait artist, you can submit your information on this page.

6. Profile as a Featured Artist in Blog Post

My blog schedule usually includes an artist feature every few months. This is a great opportunity to have your artwork spotlighted as its own blog post. It would also be promoted on the social media networks noted above. Ideally, I would love to have a story that includes how the cats in your life have inspired your work.

7. Spotlight as a Featured Artist in E-Newsletter

I send an email to my subscribers at the end of each month with a round-up of all the posts, upcoming giveaways and any special news. If you are a featured artist in a blog post (#6 above), I’ll include an excerpt in the newsletter.

karmaAll I Ask in Return

  • Follow Kitty Curator on social media and share my posts periodically
  • Add a link to Kitty Curator on your website

This will help me grow the cat lover audience and help cat artists gain more exposure. Learn more about Kitty Curator’s mission.

“I got 2 orders for my cat ornaments yesterday and sent them out this morning. I’m sure it’s from your blog. So thank you, thank you for finding me!”
– Amy from Copperista on Etsy

Please note that submission is not a guarantee of inclusion or a specific date for feature.