22 May

Cat Bathroom Decor – Fun Accents to Add a Feline Touch

My parents just had their bathroom beautifully renovated. Since they’re cat lovers (of course), I thought adding a bit of cat bathroom decor would be a thoughtful gift to bless their new space.

After all, the bathroom is really the cat’s domain, right? Whether drinking from the faucet, unrolling toilet paper, or sleeping in the sink, cats love the bathroom. I can’t remember the last time I didn’t see that little paw under the door when I was trying to get some privacy…

As I began searching for the perfect gift, I realized my Kitty Curator readers might enjoy shopping with me! Check out my finds and let me know what you like in the comments. Scroll to the bottom to see what I chose for my parents’ gift.

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29 Nov

50 Unique Handmade Cat Ornaments for Cat Lovers

I’ve gathered 50 beautiful handmade cat ornaments from artists all over the web, some of which could be displayed year round as they’re really works of art. I was amazed by the diversity of styles, materials and colors.

Many of the artists profiled have collections of ornaments. I recommend visiting their page if you see something you really like. You might see a tuxedo cat, but want a tabby, and it’s entirely possible that the artist has one in their collection! Just ask.

I hope you enjoy browsing the ornaments as much I as enjoyed finding them. I originally planned on featuring 20 or so, but I couldn’t stop when there was so much beauty to share. There were 14,000 search results in Etsy alone! I think I’ve plucked enough that you can find a perfect little gift for a cat lover or a lovely addition to your own tree. If not, check out my Pinterest board for even more ornaments!

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