9 Apr

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers: Meet Niaski & Her Artist Cat Series

NiaskiI decided to begin a new blog series, Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers, where I’ll introduce some of my favorite artists. I had to start off with Niaski because I’m madly in love with every single item in this shop! I can’t decide if it’s the vibrant colorful designs or the clever homage to famous artists, but either way, I’m a fan.

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9 Mar

A Tribute to Cat Lover and Artist Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo was an influential Mexican painter, best known for her self-portraits. As a feminist icon and animal lover, it’s not surprising that many artists have chosen to depict Frida with cats, or as a cat herself. In one of her most famous works, Self-Portrait with Thorn Necklace and Hummingbird, she has a black cat on her shoulder.

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19 Feb

25 Artists Who Capture the Exotic Beauty of Siamese Cats

Buster, SiameseToday’s post is dedicated to my sweet Siamese cat, Buster, who crossed the bridge about seven years ago. His story with me began as many cat stories do – a stray that wandered into my heart.

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15 Nov

Captivating Cat Etchings by Artist Larry Welo

I had several adjectives in the running for the title of this blog post – mysterious, textured, layered, atmospheric, dimensional. Yet, when I remembered my reaction upon first seeing these etchings, I truly was captivated! Larry Welo, the printmaker behind these cat-inspired images, was also captivated by this artistic medium many years ago – and still is. He’s been experimenting and enjoying etching since 1974.

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4 Nov

Fun & Funky Cat Art from Design by Humans

I’d like to introduce you to Design by Humans, an online marketplace with nearly a thousand unique cat designs by talented artists all over the world. After combing through each page (just for you, that’s why I’m the Kitty Curator!), I’ve handpicked my ten favorites to give you a sampling of their fun, funky vibe.

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21 Sep

8 Cat-Inspired Prints to Celebrate Fall

The first day of fall is always bittersweet. Another summer coming to an end… Yet the allure of autumn always pulls me in, despite a Pennsylvania winter on its tails.

The mystery of the season makes it the perfect backdrop for a cat. I decided not to focus on the typical “Halloween cat” but rather the colors, feelings and mood of autumn in a variety of mediums and styles. I hope you enjoy these prints as you welcome the new season!

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