9 Apr

Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers: Meet Niaski & Her Artist Cat Series

NiaskiI decided to begin a new blog series, Etsy Shops for Cat Lovers, where I’ll introduce some of my favorite artists. I had to start off with Niaski because I’m madly in love with every single item in this shop! I can’t decide if it’s the vibrant colorful designs or the clever homage to famous artists, but either way, I’m a fan.

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18 Mar

Fun & Modern Embroidery Art for Cat Lovers

Embroidery art is making a comeback. But it’s definitely not the cross-stitch patterns from your old home economics class. On the contrary, this is a creative new take on an ancient handicraft. You’ll see new materials, free-form designs and an edgier spin on those “Home Sweet Home” platitudes of yesteryear.

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4 Nov

Fun & Funky Cat Art from Design by Humans

I’d like to introduce you to¬†Design by Humans, an online marketplace with nearly a thousand unique cat designs by talented artists all over the world. After combing through each page (just for you, that’s why I’m the Kitty Curator!), I’ve handpicked my ten favorites to give you a sampling of their fun, funky vibe.

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25 Oct

12 Handmade Cat Necklaces for the Modern Cat Lady

The elegant lines of a cat’s silhouette lend themselves perfectly to the art of handcrafted jewelry. I’ve featured 12 gifted artisans who interpreted the feline form into gorgeous cat necklaces for cat lovers.

So many different materials – from laser-cut walnut to mosaic glass to hammered copper – the creativity shines through each piece. I think there’s something to suit every modern cat lady!

This was one of my favorite curating trips so far. I probably could have kept going, but I’ll just have to do another jewelry blog in the future. Check out my Pinterest board for more.

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